SCCG CMS/State Survey Documents



CMS Medicare and Medicaid Programs Reform of Requirements for Long Term Care Facilities


♦ IMPACT ACT CMS Final Rule 8/4/2017

♦ The IMPACT ACT: Improving Care Coordination Through Standardized Data Elements

♦ Appendix PP State Operations Manual (11/28/2017)

♦ The "Mega" Rule Released October 4, 2016 - From CMS

CMS 5 Star Quality Rating System Technical Users Guide (01/2017)

CMS PBJ Policy Manual (FINAL - April 2016)


CMS Memos


F-Tag Crosswalk

Federal Groupings for LTC Facilities

F757 and F758 (Old F329) - Unnecessary Drugs

F759 and F760 (Old F332 and F333) - Medication Errors

F883 (Old F334) - Influenza and Pneumococcal Immunizations

F755 (Old F425) - Pharmacy Services, Procedures, and Service Consultation

F756 (Old F428) - Drug Regimen Review

F761 (Old F431) - Labeling of Drugs and Biologicals and Storage of Drugs and Biologicals

Long Term Care Survey - Frequently Asked Questions

F756 Frequently Frequently Asked Questions

F758 Ruling and F758 Frequently Asked Questions


Florida ARF Feb 2020 ICFIID Presentation


Hospital Readmission Reduction Program